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Suggest some projects that should be on DexTop in this topic.

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2022-07-19   #1

I’d like to see some the ones like, ReflHEXion, and a couple others from the sac phase or any of them with good intentions, Icosa ,

2022-07-19   #2

Reply to #1 @hexhastings :

agreed. Also some metaverse coins maybe like Cloud or Hero

2022-07-20   #3

Reply to #1 @hexhastings :

love and reflhexion have been added. Still waiting on someone from Hedron to update their page.

2022-07-20   #4

Reply to #2 @soylentlean :

We'll look into it. Someone should let them know about dextop.

2022-07-20   #5

What about HexBear? When can that be listed?

2022-07-24   #6

Reply to #4 @dextop :

Word. Is dextop compatable with a bep20

2022-07-24   #7

Reply to #6 @soylentlean :

it is. DexTop can use anything people want

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